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We want to make you aware of nearby utility work and construction. This work will result in the temporary relocation of our parking lot entrance from Wade Street to Sewall Street. 

Beginning on Thursday, May 3rd, preparations for the new entrance will begin and fewer parking spots will be available.

On Monday, May 7th the Wade Street entrance to our parking lot will be fenced off and the Sewall Street entrance will be in use.


Construction work is scheduled to last for at least two weeks. If you find our parking lot is full, additional parking is also available in the State Parking Garage across the street from MainePERS.



Whatever your age,
it's the right time to talk about retirement!

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Update to Changes to the

Participating Local District Consolidated

Retirement Plan 


On May 10, 2018, the Board of Trustees approved the proposed changes to the PLD Consolidated Retirement Plan with some modifications. The modifications include not adopting the proposed retire-rehire provision at this time and delaying the effective date for the accrued leave provision to July 1, 2019.   We will perform more outreach on the retire-rehire issue before bringing it back to the Board later this year for further consideration.  The adopted rule can be found here and the Basis Statement/Statement of Comments, which sets forth the background of the rulemaking and summarizes the comments received and responses to those comments can be found here.


Additional information about these changes as well as the continued consideration of changes to the rule pertaining to retiring and returning to work will be made available within the next couple of weeks.


These changes were developed over an 18-month period to strengthen the well-funded Plan against risks such as low-performing or volatile financial markets that can erode the funding. 

A series of briefings was held on the proposed changes around the state last fall.  If you missed those or were unable to attend, you can find below the presentation provided to the Legislature this spring that summarizes the discussions at those briefings. 

A description of these proposed changes was mailed to all PLD members, retirees and employers in early April. The MainePERS Board of Trustees held a rulemaking hearing on April 12th and accepted written comments about these proposed changes through April 27th. 
The Board considered the comments received before taking action. 

Some members have called with questions.  You can access frequently asked questions and answers at PLD FAQs.  If you prefer, please call us at 207-512-3100 or email us at rulemaking@mainepers.org, and we will make sure a member of our staff answers your questions.



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PLD Mailing
PLD Mailing
PLD Mailing

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...find out about my contributions and time.
...borrow money from my retirement.
...know when I can retire.
...learn about Social Security and MainePERS
...receive a refund of my contributions.
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Benefit Payment Calendar 

Thinking Retiring

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