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PLD Retirement Planning Sessions

MainePERS offers two types of presentations for members of PLD Retirement Plans:  Intro to PLD Plan and Ready to Retire. 

The Intro to PLD Plan session provides a general overview and is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the plan.  Members do not need a retirement estimate to take part in this presentation.  Topics covered include how your retirement benefit is calculated, how service credit accrues, eligibility/vesting, and common MainePERS terms. 

The Ready to Retire session is for those who are eligible and intend to retire within the next year and who have received a retirement estimate within the past year. Topics covered include how each benefit payment option works, how benefits are paid, and other common retirement questions.

These group sessions are for those who are eligible and intend to retire within the next year. Topics include how each benefit payment option works and how benefits are paid. Following the group informational session, members may meet individually with System staff for assistance with their retirement application paperwork.

To attend either session, call 1-800-451-9800 or use the links below to pre-register. If you need to request a retirement estimate, contact the PLD Unit at [email protected] or by calling 1-800-451-9800.

PLEASE NOTE: Only online sessions are currently being offered, each hosted through the ZOOM program. Information about accessing these sessions will be sent to you after registration. Online sessions do not have individual meetings or paperwork assistance at this time, but you may contact our office for additional assistance as needed.

2023 Retirement Planning Sessions

Thursday10/26/20232:00 p.m.READY TO RETIREONLINEREGISTER