Disability Retirement

In addition to its service retirement program, which provides a retirement benefit to members who meet certain vesting, age and length of service requirements, MainePERS also administers a Disability Retirement Program for members who become unable to work but are not yet ready to start their service retirement benefit.

The Disability Retirement benefit is based on three components.  A member must demonstrate that:

  1. One or more medically diagnosable conditions exist,
  2. Functional limitations caused by the conditions make the member unable to perform the essential functions of the member’s employment position with reasonable accommodation, and
  3. The inability can be expected to be permanent.

As a form of retirement, it is a unique benefit that has different requirements than other similar but different government-run disability programs, such as Social Security Disability or Veterans Affairs programs.  It is also different than private insurance that may be purchased to provide some income during a short-term or long-term illness that prevents someone from working. 

For those wanting to learn more, or find out how to apply.

For those currently receiving a disability retirement benefit.