Judicial Members

Judicial Member Handbook

As a MainePERS Judicial member, it is important that you stay informed throughout your career so that you can make the most out of your retirement. The following can assist you in that direction.

Download the Judicial Retirement Program Benefits For Judges And Justices Handbook from the link below for a general summary of the benefits available. The information in this handbook provides an overview of the main areas of interest within the plan.

The Judicial Retirement Program was established to ensure that certain benefits are available to Judges in the State of Maine. These benefits include:

  • service retirement benefits, which provide income to you after you retire;
  • disability retirement benefits, which may provide income to you if you become disabled (as defined by MJRS law) while you are in service and before you retire; and
  • death benefits, which are paid to your designated beneficiary(ies) (or according to a statutory order of precedence, if you have not designated one or more beneficiaries) if you die before you retire. A designated beneficiary is a person you have named to receive a benefit.

These benefits, and other information about MainePERS membership, are described in the member handbook, Judicial Retirement Program.

Additionally, the following link is to the law that governs the Judicial Retirement Program: Title 4, Chapter 27 – Judiciary.