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Group Life Insurance
Group Life Insurance
One of the benefits available to MainePERS members is the Group Life Insurance program. The program is available to State, teacher and those PLD employees whose employers have elected to participate in the program, and whose positions are eligible for coverage.
How do I enroll? Group Life Insurance Program brochure
What coverage is available? Certificate of Coverage and Schedule of Benefits
How much does it cost? Dependent Life Insurance Coverage Fact Sheet
Beneficiary Forms Portability and Conversion Options
Evidence of Insurability Application: Conversion of Group Life Insurance Coverage
More Group Life Insurance FAQs Application: Portability of Group Life Insurance Coverage
How do I enroll?

The MainePERS Group Life Insurance program is available to State, teacher and those PLD employees whose employers have elected to participate in the program, and whose positions are eligible for coverage. If you complete an application for group life coverage within the first 31 days of becoming eligible, you may select coverage for yourself and your dependents without having to show evidence of insurability.

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What coverage is available?

You may choose basic and supplemental coverage on yourself and dependent coverage for your eligible dependents. Basic coverage is equal to your annual gross compensation rounded up to the next one thousand dollars. Supplemental coverage is available at one, two or three times your basic coverage. Insurance on the employee also includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

Dependent coverage allows you to choose up to $10,000 of coverage on your spouse and up to $5,000 on each child depending on their age and marital status.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of coverage varies with employers. In some cases employers will pay for basic coverage while you pay for supplemental and dependent coverage. In other cases, you are responsible for all or part of your basic coverage plus any supplemental or dependent coverage you choose. For the cost of your coverage, please check with your employer's payroll personnel.

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Evidence of Insurability

When there is a request for basic and/or additional insurance that requires evidence of insurability, the member needs to complete Form# GI-0874. This form is used when an employee desires to increase their coverage or to obtain Dependent coverage.

This may also be as a result of late submission of their Application for Coverage when first eligible, or cancellation/reduction of previous coverage. Employers should not begin deducting premiums until approval has been received. The submission of a request for coverage does not guarantee acceptance. The process generally takes about 12 weeks to complete.

The MainePERS Survivor Services Unit will forward an Evidence of Insurability form for the employee to complete and submit to the insurance underwriter.

Any additional information required by the underwriter will be requested directly from the employee. If the employee does not respond in the time frame outlined by the carrier, the request will be cancelled due to lack of response. If the employee chooses to, they may begin the process again.

If the request for coverage is approved by the underwriter, coverage will take effect on the first day of the month following the date the employee completes one full month of additional service in an eligible class. The employer will receive information from the Survivor Services Unit indicating the level and effective date of coverage.

Active Work Rule: If the employee happens to be ill or injured and away from work on the date the coverage would take effect, the coverage will not take effect until the employee returns to work for one full regularly scheduled work day.

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Beneficiary Forms 

You may change your life insurance beneficiary at any time and as often as you wish. Designation of Beneficiary - Group Life Insurance forms may be obtained from your payroll personnel, by contacting MainePERS or you may download them from the links below.  In order for a change of beneficiary form to be valid, it must be received at MainePERS or postmarked prior to your date of death.        

Designation of Beneficiary - Group Life Insurance (GI-0912)        

Designation of Beneficiary - Pre-Retirement Death Benefits (CL-0722)

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Contact the Survivor Services Unit

We're here to assist you with any questions regarding your group life coverage as a MainePERS member.  Contact us by any of the following methods:

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 349, Augusta, ME 04332-0349

Phone: (207) 512-3244      (800) 451-9800

Fax: (207) 512-3101

E-mail: SurvivorServices@mainepers.org

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