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Holdings and Market Value

Largest Holdings at September 30, 2020

Top 10 Equity HoldingsMarket Value
Microsoft $130,283,450
Amazon $110,438,556
Alphabet $72,412,210
Facebook $52,020,149
Berkshire Hathaway$33,749,074
Johnson & Johnson$32,473,408
Proctor & Gamble$28,017,048
Top 10 Equities$668,346,415

Some of the System’s index fund investments are made through commingled funds, with MainePERS owning units of the funds, and having beneficial, rather than direct ownership of the securities. The largest holdings list reports direct holdings held outside those commingled funds.

Market Value

The chart below shows the monthly market value for MainePERS. The market value reflects unrealized gains and losses as well as cash flows for the fund.

Market Value - 9/30/20