Retiree Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions for Retired Members. Clicking on any of the questions below will expand to reveal the answer. See also Active Members FAQs.

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

For health/dental insurance questions, please contact the administrator of your insurance program. To view a listing of those organizations, click here.

How do I know when my benefit has been deposited into my bank account?

A: Your bank or credit union can tell you whether your funds have been received and are available to you. Most financial institutions offer free or low-cost access to telephone, on-line, or ATM banking services that let you check on deposited funds.

In which months will I receive an advice of deposit after I retire?

A: We send an advice of deposit to all members in December. In other months, you will receive an advice of deposit if your net benefit changes by more than $1.00.

I have not received my benefit payment.

A. If you believe there is a problem with your direct deposit benefit payment, call or e-mail MainePERS immediately.

How do I tell MainePERS when I change my winter/summer address?

A. If you regularly move between two (or more) addresses (e.g. a winter and summer address), we no longer require written address change forms each time you move between those addresses. Once you have sent us a signed form for each of your addresses, when you move between them, simply call or e-mail us with the effective date of the change. We will follow up to your request by sending confirmation letters to both addresses. If any of your established addresses change, you will need to submit a change form to MainePERS.

I want to change my tax exemptions/allowances?

A. Submit new withholding certificates (W4-P and W-4ME). You can obtain these forms from the IRS, Maine Revenue Services, or from the Retirement Benefit Forms section of this site.

How does MainePERS determine the taxable portion of my retirement benefit?

A. Click here for more information.

I am getting a divorce. How does this affect my retirement benefit?

Your pension may be affected depending upon how your assets are divided by the court pursuant to a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). If you have questions about your retirement benefit and divorce, contact MainePERS and ask to speak with the Qualified Domestic Relations Administrator.

I am going to receive service retirement benefits from MainePERS and Social Security. How will this affect me?

A. The amount of your MainePERS service retirement benefit is not affected by the amount of your Social Security retirement benefits.

If you are eligible to receive Social Security retirement benefits, either because you worked in a Social Security-covered job or because your deceased spouse did, the amount of your Social Security benefit may be affected by your receipt of a MainePERS benefit.

For more information about the effect of receiving MainePERS benefits and Social Security benefits, go to You also can locate the SSA office nearest you by referring to your local phone book under “United States Government – Health and Human Services.”

Can I change my option and/or beneficiary after I retire?

A. Once you receive your first benefit payment, you may not change your payment option. You may change your beneficiary under limited circumstances. In most cases, the change will affect the amount of your benefit. For more information call or e-mail the MainePERS Retirement Services unit.

Can I  go back to work after retirement?

A. Certain restrictions apply to MainePERS members who retire and return to work for the “same” employer.  For complete information on this subject, please visit the Retire Return to Work webpage on this site.

Where can I get information about my health and/or dental insurance?

A. Although MainePERS may deduct health and/or dental insurance premiums from your benefit payment each month, we do not administer these programs. For health/dental insurance questions, please contact the administrator of your insurance program. To view a listing of those organizations, click here.

I want to change my direct deposit account.

A. To change your direct deposit account, complete an Authorization Agreement for Electronic Direct Deposit form and return it to MainePERS.

When will I get a Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)?

A. Once eligible, you will receive any COLA annually, in September. Eligibility depends on your retirement plan.

Click here for a summary of this year’s COLA in your plan.