Am I required to register for the MainePERS Member Portal?

Participation in the portal is optional.  You may continue to contact MainePERS via telephone, email, or in person if you prefer.  However registering for the portal provides you with secure and convenient access to your MainePERS account information, including member statements, tax documentation, and beneficiary and group life insurance selections.

What will I be able to see and do if I register for the Member Portal?

Those who register will have access to their account information as detailed in the Member Portal Account Access summary.

Can my email address be my username?


What are the character requirements for my password?
  • Must contain a minimum of 8 characters
  • Must contain at least one alphabetic character
  • Must contain at least one capital letter
  • Must contain at least one numeric character
  • Must contain at least one non alpha numeric character
Why is multifactor authentication required for each log in?

Multifactor authentication, more commonly referred to as MFA, plays an important role when members initially register for the portal and then each time they visit thereafter. The MFA provides more security for your account than just using a username and password. 

The portal uses an MFA that requires entering an authentication code. After entering your password, you will be required to enter an authentication code which will be sent to you via a telephone number or an email address (whichever you select) currently on file at MainePERS. This will occur each time you log in to the portal. An unauthorized individual trying to access your account is unlikely to have access to this second authentication requirement.

Other security features include sending a confirmation email anytime you update your personal information, or change your password or security questions. This email message will notify you of the change request and if you initiated it, no further action is required.  If you did not initiate the change, then the email message will provide contact information for notifying MainePERS.

How do I get assistance with the portal?

Member Services Representatives can be reached Monday through Thursday from 8AM-4PM at 207-512-3100.

The telephone number or email address that were provided to me in the MFA are unfamiliar or outdated, what can I do?

MainePERS staff are available Monday through Thursday from 8AM-4PM to assist you. Please call 207-512-3100.

Why did I receive an “Exception Message” while attempting to register?

If you receive an “Exception Message” similar to this:

You should be able to resolve this by clicking the “log in” link to be redirected to the login page. You may also try to clear your browser cache, exit your browser, and then start the registration process again. Still not resolved? Please call 207-512-3100.