Best Security Practices

MainePERS takes data security very seriously. The security questions, multifactor authentication, and registration process have all been designed with the security of your personal information in mind. The following suggestions are considered best practices when accessing personal data electronically:

  • Do not use the “remember password” functionality when prompted by your internet browser
    Consider using a password manager application on your cell phone and/or computer to create, store and manage your user name and password information for all of your online accounts.
  • Use a unique password for each site or application that requires login credentials
  • Do not share your username or password with others
  • When in a public setting avoid, whenever possible, accessing or viewing personal information on your electronic device
    The Member Portal contains sensitive personal information and it is strongly recommended you avoid accessing your account in a public place, on a public computer, or using a non-secure internet connection.
  • Log out of all applications when you are finished accessing your data and close your browser

MainePERS staff are available Monday through Thursday from 8AM-4PM to assist you. Please call 207-512-3100.