MainePERS Member Portal

On October 2 MainePERS launched a secure online Member Portal for active and retired members that offers convenient access to their MainePERS account information. As part of the registration process members will need access to the email address or telephone number on file in their MainePERS account for the multi-factor authentication process required to login.

Providing members with secure access to their information is important to MainePERS, and multi-layered security features will safeguard the online portal and member data. This includes portal infrastructure security and cybersecurity monitoring, as well multi-factor authentication for user access.  Additionally, certain transactions will be limited or require further identification as a precaution.

Participating in the Member Portal is optional. Those who choose to create a user account will have access to the following:

The ability to see:

  • For active members, the most recent and all available member account statements
  • For retired members, recent and all available disbursements 
  • Current beneficiary elections for all applicable benefits (pension, Group Life Insurance)

The ability to access, download, and print certain documents which MainePERS has received from the member, has sent to the member, or otherwise has on-file in the member’s account, such as:

  • Advice of Deposit detail (Electronic Fund Transfer disbursement details)
  • Refund Application
  • Retirement Application
  • W-4P/W-4R
  • Member Statements
  • 1099 Tax Forms
  • Group Life Insurance application
  • Preliminary Benefit Letter
  • Benefit Estimates
  • Notice of Retirement
  • Final Benefit Letter
  • Service Credit Purchase – Cost Statements
  • Service Credit Purchase informational letters
  • Refund Statements
  • Benefit Verifications
  • Beneficiary Updates
  • Pre-retirement death benefits selection forms

The ability to update:

  • Physical Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Gender

The ability to access:

  • Forms
  • Handbooks
  • The website and its services and additional information

Additional information about the portal and how to register is available on the Member Portal webpage.