Many of the frequently used MainePERS forms are available to download online. To use these forms you will need Adobe Reader®.  Information on completing forms with Reader®.

Please note that some of the forms in these sections are samples. Others may require that you send additional information when you submit them.

If you cannot locate the form you need or have questions about a form, please call MainePERS at (207) 512-3100 or toll free at 1-800-451-9800. You can also request hardcopy forms by sending an email request via the link in the “Request form via email” column next to the form name on the forms pages.

Digital Signature Forms through DocuSign: A number of forms are available for completion online with your digital signature and these forms are identified as “Digital Signature Forms.” The form is completed and submitted electronically. You will have an option to save an electronic copy of any form you opt to fill out and sign digitally.

The Digital Signature Forms are being made available through the DocuSign application. Step-by-step directions are available within the form signing process.

Address Changes

Refund Application Package

Request Refund Application Package hardcopy via email

W-4P – Federal Withholding Form

W-4ME – State Withholding form