Employer Reporting Session

This session is for employer staff responsible for administering MainePERS pension benefits for their employees including human resource personnel and those who process and submit payroll details to MainePERS.  This session is an introduction of the Employer Self Service portal and includes an introduction to MainePERS eligibility and enrollment requirements.  Basic navigation within the portal and the Employer page of the MainePERS is covered.

The following forms and other informational topics reviewed during the session as follows:

List of forms and documents: 

  1. MainePERS Terminology (PDF)
  2. ESS Desktop Specifications (PDF)
  3. Security Administrator EM-0003A for New SA (PDF)
  4. Security Administrator EM-0003D to Delete SA (PDF)
  5. Submission of Membership Application (PDF)
  6. Membership Applications for Regular Join (PDF)
  7. Membership Application for RRTW (PDF)
  8. Manual Filer Column Headings (PDF)
  9. Adding a Member to an EPF File (PDF)
  10. Quick Reporting Reference – EPF (PDF)
  11. Quick Reporting Reference – Manual (PDF)
  12. Earnable-Compensation Reference Guide (PDF)
  13. Scheduling a duplicate payment transaction in ESS (PDF)
  14. Single Employee Payroll Adjustment Guide (PDF)
  15. Multiple Employee Payroll Adjustment Guide (PDF)
  16. Adjustment Form example (PDF)
  17. Leave Accruals for RRTW (PDF)
  18. Schedule of Remittance Due 2024 (PDF)


  1. Employer Training Presentation for PLD and Teacher