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Eligible Employers

MainePERS administers defined benefit retirement plans for over 600 state and local employers. Each of these employers are either a state or local government, or an employer authorized to offer MainePERS retirement plans by state law.

State of Maine retirement plans include the State Employee and Teacher Retirement Program, the Judicial Retirement Program, and the Legislative Retirement Program. The Participating Local District Consolidated Retirement Plan is available to local governments and other employers authorized by state law.

The definition of “Local district” is, as follows:

A. Any county, municipality, quasi-municipal corporation or incorporated instrumentality of the State or of one or more of its political subdivisions;

B. Any incorporated association of employees of the State or employees of any of the entities set out in paragraph A;

C. Any incorporated association of any of the entities set out in paragraph A;

D. Any entity eligible to become a participating local district before January 1, 1976;

E. Any entity participating in the Retirement System before January 1, 1976; or

F. Any educational institution in the State teaching courses equivalent to or higher than secondary institutions.

G. Any public charter school, as authorized by Title 20-A, chapter 112.