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The following are recent questions from employers about ESS and answers to those questions. Have a question? Click here to submit it to Employer Services.
User Security for School Employees who are submitting School Support information   

Q: I am a school employee but I also submit reports for our school support staff (actually employees of the town and members of participating local district). How do I get security access so I can report on the school support staff?

A: Contact the security administrator for your town or city to set you up with security for this PLD school support location. They’ll also give you  a distinct user name and password.

Rate Schedule Numbers: EPF vs Membership Applications  

Q: In my electronic payroll report when I enter a rate schedule number per instructions in the EPF manual  I use six digits.  Example:  000001 for regular contributions.  When I go to enter this number on a member application I get a message saying that the rate schedule number is invalid.

A: Omit the zeroes when entering the number on the membership application.  Example: 1 for regular contributions.
Q: Who do I make my check out to when paying my GLI premiums?

A. Your check can be made payable to MainePERS and should include the identifier on your invoice.  Electronic transfer of funds is also available.  

Q. How do I know how much the monthly premiums will be for my employees?

A. MainePERS provides a calculator on our website which can be used to calculate the monthly premiums for your employee.  

Q. If I am collecting more money in premiums from my employees than you are requesting can I send the extra money?

A. Generally this will be employees who work during the school year and do not get paid in the summer.  You cannot send the extra to MainePERS when you collect it but will need to retain it to pay your invoice in the July and August.  

Q. How do I know what date to put on the Application for Coverage as the "Date Applicant First Eligible?"

A. This is generally the date the employee is hired, if the employee is hired directly into and eligible position.  If the employee is going from an ineligible position to an eligible position then it would be the date the employee changed positions.  The system is going to use this date to determine when the employee’s coverage is effective.

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